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We are creating a portfolio of technologies, production systems and projects built on a solid foundation of scientific excellence, business acumen and trusted local partners focused on the triple win of carbon, biodiversity and productivity.

PHYLA combine proven technologies into scaleable and replicable regeneration systems.

Species Varieties - Selected and propagated for their proven abilities to sustainably produce valuable food, energy and medicinal commodities at scale.

Soil Health - Advanced agronomic technologies to help farmers improve their soil management and raise their productivity.

Natural Capital Valuation - Methods to forecast and secure the asset value of biodiverse and regenerating ecosystems.

Value-Addition - Transforming organic produce into bio-friendly and zero-carbon products to for agriculture, industry and consumers.


PHYLA is developing a diverse portfolio of projects suitable for funding and off-take agreement

  • Regenerative agriculture and aquaculture
  • Food security
  • Renewable energy
  • Ecosystem biodiversity and conservation
  • Natural capital assets and commodities
  • Soil health and carbon removal
For Corporate and Financial Institutions looking to invest in our portfolio or one of our specific projects then please contact us. We look forward to building a future together.


Scale to meet the challenge and create the opportunity to invest in a dynamic transition to the zero carbon and circular economy.


Headquartered in London, PHYLA leads the development of a diverse portfolio of projects around the world and an evidence-based approach to the development of intellectual property that measures biophysical dynamics and values Natural Capital assets and Ecosystem Services. With deep access to the financial markets and multinational corporates, PHYLA London is the bridge for investments in frontier and growth markets that provide healthy financial, social and environmental returns.



PHYLA is developing a Pan-African portfolio of regeneration agriculture, agroforestry, silvopastoral and aquaculture projects incorporating tree-based technologies and advanced monitoring and decision-support technologies. PHYLA projects are carefully designed to align ecosystem productivity and resilience with project level profitability. Our project portfolio spans from west to east along Africa’s Great Green Wall, and from north to south across the bread baskets of central and southern Africa.



With our corporate partners and local community partners PHYLA is bringing new possibilities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) investments to deliver positive impact across the Sub-Continent. Our projects are focused on enhancing natural productivity, restoring ecosystem resilience and delivering positive transformative change. We work with local NGO and corporate partners to establish reafforestation and regenerative agriculture and aquaculture systems across diverse landscapes.



Representing massive potential for scaling of PHYLA regenerative agriculture, aquaculture and silvopastoral technologies, the Americas are a regional focus for development of PHYLA Elite Pongamia production systems. Providing a drought tolerant alternative to water intensive tree crops such as citrus, integrating symbiotically to enhance livestock production through reafforestation or accompanying large-scale aquaculture to provide essential protein feeds, renewable energy and water purification services, the potential for PHYLA Elite Pongamia across the Americas is considerable.


Delivering Returns on Resilience

PHYLA is facilitating investments in the future stability of the Earth’s productive systems. We unlock investments that stimulate a new wealth creation dynamic, whilst restoring our Planet and improving People’s lives. We achieve this by developing ethical opportunities and projects that build intellectual capital and enhance ecosystem productivity, biodiversity and resilience.

Are you planning or operating a project that aligns with our goals, seeking either funding, technology or operational expertise to achieve its full potential?