A service regenerating landscapes and sustaining livelihoods through better soil health

What is our mission at Phyla Soils?

To provide the soils information, business solutions and market opportunities that build soil carbon and regenerate degraded landscapes whilst increasing agricultural profitability and productivity.

By building soil health and regenerative agricultural practices through training and education.
By improving soil health, soil watercapture & retention through carbon sequestration practices.
By increasing the accessibility to independent soil testing and regenerative agriculture practices knowledge transfer.

Phyla Soils Services

PHYLA Soils was created to strengthen the effectiveness of scientific and technical soil expertise.

What we do differently?


We collaborate with commercial businesses and communities to identify and meet specific farmer needs, building advisory services that match the available financial and technical resources.


We can provide low-cost and fast soil sampling, collection, and analysis to the most rural, sparse, isolated and fragmented communities.


We design, build and test our own algorithms and soil analytics to ensure robust and precise soil measurements using research quality methods.


We identify and develop opportunities, with business and community partners to minimise the costs of generating useful soils information and ensuring soil productivity enhancements are incentivised through financial rewards.

Why Phyla Soils?

PHYLA puts the success of small-scale farmers front and central.

In Zambia, ‘ntaka’ means soil. PHYLA Soils has been operating since 2019 to create a network of community based ‘soil evangelists’ that stimulate communities to unite around soil and the regenerative agricultural practices that can sustain and grow their rural community.

Examples of our work

Field survey

Soil testing and monitoring

Advisory, education and training

Regional soil information systems

Precision field surveys

Remote sensing and modelling

PHYLA has been designed and operates to restore resilient and productive ecosystems. Engage with our team and we’ll help you build your soil carbon and fertility through the application of rigorous scientific method.