Phyla Earth joins forces with FIO Agri

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Phyla Earth joins forces with FIO Agri
Phyla Earth joins Forces with FIO Agri
December 2023
Phyla Earth is thrilled to announce our establishment of Phyla South Africa and partnership with the Fio Agri Group in working together towards global food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture and energy production.  
The agreement was signed in the South Africa Pavilion at COP28 on World Soil Day, a day to draw attention to the complexity of our soil systems and celebrate the importance healthy soils have in food production, ecosystem services, health and wellbeing. The quality of the food we eat starts with the soil it was grown in and this has been the guiding principle of both Phyla and Fio Agri. 
Phyla has developed a valuable portfolio of climate resilient plant species, including elite varieties of pongamia, a non-invasive, perennial leguminous tree that is nitrogen-fixing, drought tolerant and well suited for the South African landscape. 
Agriculture is a major industry across Africa and this partnership will see the initial development of 100K hectares of land repurposed for regenerative agriculture over the next decade.  This will drive the production of bioenergy and sustainable nutritious food as well as increase rural incomes, improve socioeconomic conditions, foster biodiversity and nature-based climate solutions while providing high-impact returns for investors. 
Gene Khorommbi Likhanya, Founder and CEO of the Madimbo Agri Group and Board member of Fio Agri Group, has been appointed Chief Executive, Phyla Nurseries South Africa.  He said, “Phyla is a solution where we are looking at revolutionising the art of how things are done through integrating technology, farming, soil science and environmental services.  Pongamia is a wonder plant able to thrive in challenging conditions and one that has the potential to change the face of agriculture.” 
Rabih El Fadel, CEO and co-Founder of Phyla Earth, said “Global food security underpins everything and is one of the biggest challenges of our time with social, environmental, political and economic implications for the entire world. The South African landscape has tremendous potential, which is why we are excited to sign this agreement and join forces with Fio Agri to drive sustainable solutions for both energy and food security. There’s so much we can do together.”
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