Mining Weekly reports on mine rehabilitation

Pongamia trial at copper mine site
Mining Weekly reports on mine rehabilitation
Copper producer plants bio-diesel trees on tailings dumpsite
Mining Weekly features article on pongamia trial at copper mine site
April 2017
Mining Weekly highlighted Phyla Zambia (formerly BetterWorld Energy) work with Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to rehabilitate one of its disused dump sites, improving soil fertility, revegetating the area and producing biodiesel.
“Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has launched an ambitious bio diesel project in the Copperbelt at one of the company’s disused dump site. According to the company, the project aims to cultivate elite Pongamia Pinnata trees for bio-diesel production at a mining waste site of 650 hectares of land, where 400,000 trees are to be planted at an estimated cost of US$7 million. In addition, create 500 jobs in agro-forestry, farming, bio-energy processing and energy service delivery. Matthew Nkhuwa, Minister of Works and Supply said the project has potential to significantly reduce the country’s energy expenditure.”