Phyla at UNEA-6

Nairobi, Kenya
John Lewis pictured with Michael Cullen and Faith Kilimo from Terra Global Capital at UNEA-6 in Nairobi

Dr. John Van D. Lewis was a delegate at the United Nations Environment Assembly-6 in Nairobi, a five day session convening environmental ministers and leaders from 182 countries.  The high-level assembly took place last week and sets strategic guidance for UNEP, provides policy guidance and develops international environmental laws around climate change, nature loss and pollution.  


The recent UNEA-6 reviewed 15 resolutions, including in several areas Phyla has been focused on (combatting desertification and land degradation; use of hazardous pesticides; sustainable management of minerals and metals) with a commitment to boost multilateral action to tackle these challenges. 


About the week-long events, Dr. Lewis noted the almost universal agreement on both what needs to be done and how it should be mandated to Members States. “Leaders are looking for actionable solutions and Phyla’s success with both afforestation and restorative mining technologies in southern Africa were of great interest to participants suffering the consequences of landscape degradation across Asia and Africa. It’s great to see regenerative practices really captivating change-makers.  Phyla’s climate smart agroforestry has enormous restoration potential and recent breakthroughs in community forestry practices will also help advance development targets.” 


The UNEA-7 is set for December 2025 and in the intervening period, Phyla will continue to engage closely with policymakers, industry, communities and rural smallholders to make measurable progress towards the UNEA-6 resolutions.