Philanthropy Impact

Phyla Earth joins Philanthropy Impact
Philanthropy Impact
September 2023

Phyla is delighted to join Philanthropy Impact, a London-based membership organisation founded in 1998 with a mission to grow philanthropy through education and the development of professional skills related to giving and social investment.  A leading centre of excellence for philanthropy and social impact investment in the UK, Philanthropy Impact has worked to inspire giving for the past quarter century and celebrates its 25thAnniversary this year.

In joining a network of over 11,000 impact-driven private client advisors from leading private banks, wealth management firms, law offices along with philanthropists, social investors, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders, Phyla seeks to engage Philanthropy Impact and members with shared values who are looking to create a positive impact with their wealth. 

We are very excited about the potential of regeneration to restore our ecosystems whilst creating value over the medium and long term and keen to share our expertise with those interested in this space.

For further information on Philanthropy Impact, please visit: