UNCCD Accreditation

Phyla Earth becomes accredited member of UNCCD
UNCCD Accreditation
May 2023

Phyla has become an accredited partner with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in alignment with shared goals to restore degraded ecosystems and provide food, water and economic opportunity to inhabitants.

UNCCD was established in 1994 and is the only legally binding agreement to address desertification and the effects of drought.  The convention unites government, policymakers, academia, communities and the private sector around a common vision to achieve sustainable land management.  Recognising the importance the private sector and civil society play in successful implementation, UNCCD invites partners to contribute and participate in key activities and events related to desertification and land restoration whilst providing on-the-ground feedback from different parts of the world.  

Phyla is honored to be an accredited by the UNCCD and looks forward to working towards solutions to combat desertification.

For further information, please visit: https://www.unccd.int/phyla-earth